Basketball -- California Discount Packages

Basketball -- California Discount Packages

Smitty Apparel

  • 12999
  • Save $1301

About This Product

Basketball Official's Discvount/Starter's Packages include:

  • Smitty Mesh or Elite V-Neck Shirt and U.S. Flag (silver or gold border)
  • Smitty Standard, Pleated Pants
  • Pro Feet quarter or crew socks
  • Smitty Pre-Game Jacket with CBOA logo (your Unit's name added if desired)
  • Fox 40 Classic Whistle and Lanyard

***Upgrade to Premium Pants for $144.99 (discount package #2)
***Upgrade to Premium Dye-Sublimated Shirt for $149.99 (discount package #3)
***Upgrade to Premium Pants & Premium Dye-Sublimated Shirt for $154.99 (discount package #4)

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